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  • Ford Bed Liners - Built DualLiner Tough   Ford owners know exactly why they buy their truck: cargo hauling, powerful engine and horsepower, and the durability to get the job done. Ford prides themselves with their trucks’ abilities to load up concrete, timber, and any configuration of heavy-duty tools imaginable. Yet, as rugged as Ford’s performance is, that truck […]
  • Ford F150 Platinum Reviews - 2012 Ford F-150 Platinum Review The Ford F-150 Platinum has an interior that would easily rival any American luxury car on the market. Outfitted in an earthy brown leather interior, the EcoBoost bowled us over with the quality of the leather and dashboard materials.the ford f-150 platinum has 302 horsepower, accelerates with authority. Consumers looking […]
  • A Bed Liner That Protects Your Ford Truck Bed - It doesn't matter if you own a F 150, F250 Super Duty, or the F 350 Super duty ,choosing a new plastic bed liner for your Ford truck bed makes for an interesting project. That’s true because the bed liners have some things about them that make it possible to damage a bed with the liner instead of protecting the bed. That could cause more harm than you could ever guess would happen. Here are a few things to think about.
  • Is the DualLiner as Tough as Your Ford? - Built Ford tough, that really has a ring to it. Ford has got a whole lot of history in the USA, all the way back from the model T up to some of the toughest pick ups on the market today I love FORD. If you buy a Ford F150, F250, F350, F450 or a […]
  • The Easiest Do It Yourself Bed Liner (The Easiest DIY Bed Liner) - We all know that time is money, that being said, this makes it pretty simple to figure out which bed liner is the easiest to install. Obviously the one that takes the least amount of time would be a definite contender. A "Do It Yourself" bed liner is a bed liner or chemical compound that the end user is installing to give the trucks bed additional protection. Some of these DIY bed liners can take several hours to apply and several days to cure. There is even one DIY bed liner that takes 3-4 hours of prep (preparation) time and then 2 days between coats, there is a base coat that takes 2 hours on average to apply then you have to wait a day to apply the first protective layer, then 2 days later you can apply the second coat, and if another coat is needed then 2 days after that you can apply the third coat. If you choose this particular DIY bed liner you would probably be very unhappy about the amount of time this process takes. Especially when you find out that it only offers limited scratch protection and almost no dent protection.